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Catia: V5 Training in Delhi- (2 Months)

CATIA (Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application) is a multispecialty software tool built in C++ language. It is a powerful tool and an extension of 3D animation. Widely used in production, designing, manufacturing and engineering, it provides the right platform among various fields of engineering including shape and surface designing, mechanical engineering and systems engineering.

The primary task of this software tool consists of creating 3D shapes, 3D modeling, building sketches and deriving tools, angles and innovative shapes. The kinematics can also be derived using this; so it is quite popular in the mechanical engineering field. It helps in the assembling of 3D tools, molded and forged figures which are an integral part of mechanical engineering. Electrical and Electronics engineering also extract a lot of utilities like the fluid and HVAC system.

Technically it offers assistance in the designing of complex and intelligent products through engineering aspects. It can be customized via API and as it a C++ generated program, it can also be customized via the CAA. Industrial demands of the following software are huge ranging from aviation sectors, defense, automotive, assembling of industrial equipments, ship building, navy, packaging of consumer goods, transportation, construction, setting up of power stations and plants, architecture and in varied field of life sciences and biology. So this automatically produces job opportunities that are very much market-oriented.

The industries use this software for the assembling of heavy and complex machines. As it offers the best solution, so organizations are heavily dependent on this software tool. CatiaV5 Institute in Delhi was very much scant and so the opportunity of expanding the possibility of using this software tool was limited. As a result of which CatiaV5 Training in Delhi was not present and the advancement was not possible. And this is the main reason that Gemini Architectural Design offers lucrative Catia Courses, which enlighten students with the need and usage of the tool. Further, in a place like Delhi, where urbanization is rapidly accelerating, engineers can rely upon this software for accuracy and speed. So CatiaV5 Training in Delhi is urgently sought for.

The curriculum is 100% market oriented. The students are made familiar with the increasing difficulty levels. They are introduced and then gradually taught about the merits of the software. No other CatiaV5 Institute in Delhi provides such catia training and no one has the ability of developing students in such a short span of time. Our highly qualified teaching staff enjoys the company of the students and delivers the requisite training in Catia. They share years of experience in development and vast knowledge of this platform. Our state-of-the-art library facility can help students educate themselves about the history and development of CatiaV5.

As it is a globally accepted software platform, job seekers are hired especially by engineering firms. Industrial exposure is an impetus and we provide the students opportunities to create projects comprising of industrial flavors and manifestation. Further, 3D modeling and sketches and extraction of figure tools also can be exploited for research purpose. Bio-Technology and Food technologies fields are highly dependant on this software. Electrical prospectus invites people who are well trained in Catia, for transmission and production in stations and plants.

You can attract your prospective employer with more innovation, more research and more modification of your models. You can indulge 3D animations in the field of engineering and produce marvelous outputs which will not only be attractive but also a resurgence of safe and dynamic engineering.

Course Detail

01• Introduction on Catia V5
02• Interface of Catia V5
03• Modify & Manipulating Objects.
04• Explain to Create Sketches
05• Transform Feather.
06• Feather Dress up
07• Edit Part Design.
08• Assembling Component
09• Design Table.
10• Table External File Management.
11• Placing Component using Constraints.
12• Assembling & Exploding.
13• Surface and Wireframe Design.
14• Data Exchange.
15• Project.

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UGC Approved , AICTE Approved, DEC Approved & AIU Approved
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