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Diploma in Web & Graphic Desigining

Diploma In Web Designing

We are now living in the twenty-first century. Almost everyone uses the internet for various reasons. Using and surfing the internet has almost become our daily routine. In the business world, it also helps to stabilize the economy of any country to a great extent. So, it is very natural that every company would want to have a well-designed website of their own, one that attracts the customers and helps to promote their business. So the industry needs website-designing professionals.

We have seen that, there are many web designing tools available in market. But, it can be easily found out that very few of them are effective for designing a site properly to attract the internet users. If you want to be a good web designer, then you need to join an institute, one that will start teaching you from scratch and help you to manage and enhance your talents. There is a dearth of good institutes which can truly train the people properly so that they can become successful professionals. A Diploma in Web Designing itself can bring home a lot of projects, something which is sure to benefit those who are interested in taking this up as their career. We realized this need and opened our own institute. Today, Gemini Architectural Design is one of the Best Web Designing Institutes in Delhi & South Delhi, with a very integrated and effective Web-Designing Course. It is an ISO 9001-2008 certified training institute.

Our institute is located at Munirka, South Delhi and we give the students a very professional atmosphere. Our teachers are highly educated and well experienced in their own fields. Website design professionals are now highly required in the IT-sector. The software industry needs a good number of web designing professionals. There are different types of areas in web designing, such as: interface designing, user-experience design authoring, search engine optimization standard code and proprietary software. For designing a website, you need to know a few basic computer languages like PHP, java (basic), HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and basic knowledge on various software applications such as CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash with Action Script etc.

A high-end web designer is expected to have awareness about the usability of the website tools and should have a creative mind set-up because only a creative designer can make a website more unique and attractive to the viewers. Our institute looks into these matters very carefully. Our faculty consists of some of the most notable names in the industry and they take great care in teaching everything to the students. We offer Diploma in Web Designing to those who seek it. Taking a diploma course for 3 months in website designing with our Web Designing Institute in Delhi & South Delhi would expose the students to the latest technologies in the world of website designing.

Our Web Designing Course makes sure that the students become highly professional and successful in the world of website development. We offer this course at the most economical rate.

Course Detail :

01. Intro Of Web & Web Techniques
02. Creating eye catching website templates
03. Complete understanding of web navigation on web 2.0 & 3.0 standards.
04. Integrating variable scripts in a web page and creating tableless websites.
05. Link Building & Modification
06. Making interactive pages done in Flash & knowledge about E-learning.
07. Site Uploading & Maintainance
08. SEO
09. Web Development

Software Taught

01. Html
02. CSS
03. Adobe Photoshop
04. Dreamweaver
05. Flash with Action Scirpt
06. Overview & Implementaion of Java Script
07. PHP

Diploma in Graphic Designing

Conceiving brilliant ideas and representing them with even brilliant graphics is an art very few people possess and that is why talented graphic designers are highly sought after in the advertising industry. Graphics is all about communicating with images, and to be able to make the right “connect” with your audience, it is eminently important that you communicate well- that is precisely what we teach you here.

Taking a diploma course in graphic design with Gemini Architrectual would enable you to get exposed to the latest technologies in the realm of graphic design. We are a leading Graphics designing institute in Delhi and our course lets you master the latest imagine software, print technology and typography. The course focuses on teaching you the basics of designing and gradually helping you master the different key software. Additionally, the mentors at Gemini share their vast experience, tips and tricks to help you polish you skills and grow into a thorough professional by the end of the course.

Course Detail :

01. Raster Imaging and Vector Imaging
02. Environmental Design
03. Packaging Design
04. Corporate Design
05. Advertising Design
06. Concept & Symbolism
07. Printing Processes & Costing
08. Career Skills & Professional Practices
09. History of Graphic Design
10. Elements of Graphic Design
11. Vector & Raster Imaging
12. Typography
13. Symbols & Icon Design
14. Design for Publications
15. Information Design

Software Taught

01. Adobe Illustrator
02. Corel Draw
03. Adobe Photoshop
04. Adobe Indesign
05. Pagemaker

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UGC Approved , AICTE Approved, DEC Approved & AIU Approved
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