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Primaver P6 Software Training Institute in Delhi

If you are in project management arena with some expertise as project manager or a complete fresher in that particular domain, you need to have a solid & clear idea about the latest & effective project management tools that can be quite useful for you to shape someone’s career. Primavera P6 is such type of application that can manage a program, portfolio and projects in a very effective manner with a single window solution approach that has distinguished itself from all of its competitors. Projects of various sizes, different concepts, several levels of complexities are easily overcome by Primavera P6 and this full featured enterprise project portfolio management software application always gives you one extra advantage where project based implementations are concerned. This browser based application that supports multi user solution for the planning, managing and implementing several projects and its unique concepts of dashboard, timesheets and collaboration, a user gets so much of information just in a click of a mouse that he is looking for. Primavera P6 runs as a standalone as well as in a Client Server model, helping students to learn both of its great features simultaneously.

Students can have multiple benefits over this Primavera P6 course as apart from receiving the course tutorials, the Primavera P6 course has been designed in such a way that one is bound to learn something and that too can be experimented in such a way so that he may be the first one to implement those options for the first time in the industry. One of the best Primaverva P6 Training Institutes in Delhi, we provide ample theory & practical sessions in a well-structured& maintained labs so that everyone can understand all the pros and cons of this particular application software, mainly for the project management. Even online training facility for Primavera P6 has also been operational for quite some time with a great level of response from those people who are unable to attend any classes personally and the elaborate method of explanation on each and every topic has made this course at our institute most popular & effective.

With an inclination to master in the field of project management, a student is bound to move up in his or her career graph once he or she undergoes the complete training of Primavera P6 from us and he or she is welcome to receive any kind of support wherever needed so that he or she becomes a successful person in life. The extended & modern labs are our asset which brings students always back to us whenever they think of any advanced professional curriculum to shape up their career and future. With a dedicated team of experts from the industry of relevant fields, all efforts are taken to educate you for whom one is here with us and no compromises are done for the sake of the training.

So, rush to your nearest centre, come to us and experience a brand new concept of learning where apart from training you will be provided quality study materials, lease line connectivity and a good number of books in the library to equip yourself in order to learn till maximum.

Primavera Basic

Total Duration : 40 Hours

Session 1

  • PPM Concepts
  • Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS)
  • Different Views
  • To create new OBS
  • Restrictions
  • Enterprise Project Structure (EPS)
  • Different views.
  • To Create new
  • Assigning the responsible manager
  • Difference between EPS & OBS

Session 2

  • Projects
  • Overview of the Project
  • Creation of new project through wizard
  • Creation of new project through details
  • Calendar Global, Resource, Project.
  • New Calendar
  • Modification, Copying holidays from global.
  • Making a Project or resource Calendar as global.
  • Assigning a Calendar as default for the projects.

Session 3

  • Entering Activities through Wizard.
  • Entering Activities through details.
  • Explore the use of duration format including sub unit.
  • Mile Stones, Activity Type.
  • Inserting a new Column
  • Moving the Columns
  • Time Scale adjustments.
  • Different kind of relationship between tasks.
  • Different methods of linking
  • Estimating the project finish date.
  • Identifying the project critical path
  • Editing the task links
  • Applying different calendars to activities & Estimating the finish date.
  • Constraints in a Project.
  • Different types of Constraints
  • Use of Secondary Constraint

Session 4

  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • What is WBS
  • Example for WBS
  • Defining Structure
  • Applying WBS for tasks
  • Activity Codes
  • Code Definition
  • Assigning Code and Organizing.
  • Reorganizing
  • Project Codes
  • Code Definition
  • Assigning Code and Organizing.
  • Reorganizing
  • Resource Codes
  • Code Definition
  • Assigning Code and Organizing.
  • Reorganizing

Session 5

  • Work Products & Documents
  • Defining WPs & Docs
  • Difference between WP & Doc
  • Assigning it for activities.
  • Currency
  • To change the currency
  • To Create new Currency
  • Setting exchange rate
  • To find the rate of project in another currency value.
  • Roles
  • Importance of Roles
  • Defining the roles
  • Giving rates for the roles

Session 6

  • Resource Sheet Preparation
  • Defining Resource through Wizard
  • Defining Resource through detail
  • Defining Resource through Calendar
  • To create new unit of Measure for materials which is not available in the list.
  • Resource Assigning
  • Through add roles
  • Through add resources
  • Giving different rate which has not mentioned either in resource or role.

Session 7

  • Analysis Resources
  • Resource Usage Profile
  • Resource Usage Spread Sheet
  • Resource Curves
  • Resource Leveling
  • Concepts of Stretching, Crunching & Splitting – Manual
  • Automatic Leveling
  • Updating Progress

Session 8

  • Setting Database
  • Entering Actual Start & Actual Finish date for tasks
  • Updating through duration
  • Updating through Physical
  • Updating through Units
  • Cost Updating
  • Comparative Study of Baseline and Actual Plan

Session 9

  • Calculating earned Value analysis
  • Filter
  • Global Change
  • Reports
  • Tabular
  • Graphical
  • Import / Export
  • Formatting Bars
  • User defined fields

Session 10

  • Methodology Management

Note :

  • Each above session is for 2 hours of theory.
  • Equivalent no of hours have to be given for practice session.

Note :
The above syllabus has to be completed in :

  • 5 working days in an intensive program (5 days * 8 hours / day)
  • 10 working days In a Half day program (10 days * 4 hours / day)
  • 20 working days In apart time program (20 days * 2 hours / day)

ICMT Running under hope floats Foundation

UGC Approved , AICTE Approved, DEC Approved & AIU Approved
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