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V-Ray (Lights & Render)

Vray Lighting Training

V-Ray is a system that has been developed by the Russian software developer Vladimir Koylazov and Peter Mitev. Since 1997, this software is being used. Various V-ray courses are there which are able to summarize the main functioning of the software. This software provides the option to switch between 2D and 3D version. Basically this software based on the 3D Graphics. First launch of this software was done in Bulgaria. The engine of this software is technically designed with some of the advanced technical sophistication. Tracing of path and mapping of photon are done with the help of this software. Though, a number of Vray training institute in Delhi are available that provide the better education on the software. The photo-realistic approach of this software creates a better vision of the structure being planned. The “would be” shape and design of the structure is within the hands of the user before laying down the first brick of the foundation. Various V-ray courses are also available of different time frames. Some of them are consuming 12 months to 36 months. The full time courses and part time Vray courses are also available for the students who are doing their second innings.

Though, Advance Vray is only the option to enter in the world of amazing graphics. This technique is used by the video game industries for developing their games. Some games which are playable on Xbox 360 and other play stations are not possible without using V-Ray. The 4D version of this software is also available in market. The 3D renderings for making better architecture designs are now possible with this version. Some of the desktops are also supported with the V-Ray. Various V-ray courses provide better understanding and information about the software. Intermingling of the designs to make a refined one is possible through this software. The advance Vray is able to provide the best designing options. This software is normally used in making Lighting Effects and used for Interior and Exterior Designing Purpose.

Our standard in imparting the training regarding V-Ray is different. We use the system of approach for making different types of training methods. Our experience in the training is able to boost the knowledge base of the individuals on papers and in kind too. In some of the film editing labs, this software is also used. Various films, which are based on the vision mixing and special effect, are depending on the use of Advance V-Ray during the editing. Various versions of this software are available in the market and according to the use their consumption is depends. Maya, Sketch-up, Soft Image and Blender are some of the forms of this software. The Advance Vray is quite compatible with all the personal computers irrespective of desktop or Laptop. The user friendly software is one of the main reasons of popularity. The best side of this software is that the same can be used by a beginner too, who is completely unknown with the designing job through this software. We teach the best ways of using the V-ray software. The intentions of providing the knowledge is not making the money but to make the students proficient in the technicality with modernism.

V-Ray Courses generally guide students among the various tools and their usage. So Gemini Architectural Design set up the first V-Ray Training Institute in Delhi with a vision to impart the maximum knowledge about the utility of this software in the global market. As the use of animations and photo-realistic figures are slowly becoming popular in a lot of fields like films, comics and print media as well as in the outsourcing companies, the job opportunities are in the driver’s seat.

The content that is covered in our Vray Lighting courses in 3D animation is as follows:

Course Duration 1 months 2 hours 4 Days a Week

Course Detail

Vray Lighting Tutorial

V-Ray Geometry

V-Ray Proxy
V-Ray Fur
V-Ray Plane
V-Ray Sphere
V-Ray Displacement Mod

V-Ray Light

V-Ray Light
V-Ray IES Light
V-Ray Ambient Light
Vray Lighting TutorialV-Ray Sun
V-Ray Mesh Light

V-Ray Effects

V-Ray Sphere Fade
V-Ray Toon
V-Ray Fog Light

V-Ray Camera

V-Ray Dome Camera
V-Ray Physical Camera

V-Ray Rendering

About Common Parameters
V-Ray Frame buffer
Render Output Size
Rendering Different File Type
V-Ray Global Switches
Vray Lighting TutorialV-Ray Image Sampler
Type of Image Sampler
Different Kind of filters
V-Ray Environment Lighting
Reflection and Refraction Environment
V-Ray Color Mapping
Type of Color Mapping and There Use
V-Ray Indirect Illumination

V-Ray Material

About V-Ray Material
V-Ray 2 Sided Material
V-Ray Blend Material
V-Ray Car Paint Material
V-Ray Blend Material
V-Ray Fast SSS
V-Ray Fast SSSZ
V-Ray Light Material
V-Ray Material Wrapper
Vray Lighting TrainingV-Ray Override Material
V-Ray Simbiont Material
V-Ray Vector Displ Bake
Using V-Ray Material Library
V-Ray BMP Fiter
V-Ray Color
V-Ray Comptex
V-Ray Dirt
V-Ray Edges Tex
V-Ray Map
V-Ray Sky

V-Ray Indirect Illumination

Photon Mapping
Light Cache
Brute Force
V-Ray Caustics
V-Ray System
Vray Lighting TrainingV-Ray Render Element
V-Ray Passes
V-Ray Post Production



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