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ISO 9001:2008 Certified & UGC Approved , AICTE Approved, DEC Approved & AIU Approved Institute

Graphic Designing Institute in Delhi

Graphic art form is a traditional mode of conveying human emotions. Be it laughter or sarcasm, Graphic Designing helps you to create mimicked pictures relevant to the mood. It helps to show the human predicament for real life representation and it is quite popular in the media industries. It is a branch of cryptography which helps to develop and create models, signs, logos and artistic visuals.

In India, where news is a commodity sold and gulped by the common people, Graphic designing holds a pivotal place in the betterment of mass media. Gemini Architectural Design, Graphic Designing Institute in Delhi & South Delhi, offers the perfect gateway for all those creative minds full of talents and knowledge. Present at the accessible part of Delhi, we urge you to come and unveil your artistic talent so that we can guide you to glory.

Graphic Art designing finds its uses around different ventures ranging from company logos to detective departments and development of print media such as newspaper and magazines. The evolution of designing also touches the zenith, as internet and web designing also are inseparably attached to Graphic Designing. Print media holds the crown for the maximum use of this form. It helps to convey the fervor of the news or facts to the readers through this art form. It actually holds a greater advantage over words. Pictures help you to visualize and relate to the information. Stylization of your text and embroidering it with different forms of calligraphy help to improve the meaning of each and every word. In magazines, the photographs can be distorted in a harmless manner by using graphic designing expertise.

Creation of logos for various companies ranging from MNC's to aviation sectors, political parties to sports is a major application of graphic designing in today's market. Logos generally reflect the credibility and the flavor of the company. So creating the logo with right shape, providing the language that the company wants to convey and yet making it attractive holds the key. So, creative people are hired at a hefty price to produce the best logos for the business houses. Today even sports teams and products target an attractive logo to flaunt themselves.

Opportunities are inundating the creative spectrum market. In India as well as abroad, graphic designing is a prized talent and it is exploited in various fraternities. The dearth of Graphic Designing Institute in Delhi & South Delhi and the increasing opportunities around the country give us the right impetus to indulge you in this art of creativity. We teach you about the different art forms, so that you get acquainted with the latest software tools, print technology and typography. You can be at your creative best and polish your skills under the impressive umbrella that we are providing. The projects that you create can be forwarded or used in different print media which adds a badge in your port-folio.

Our faculty staffs impart the necessary tricks so that you can improve your skills. The industry-oriented curriculum helps you to enlighten yourself about the correct way to use the resources. The gradual development and teaching of different graphic designing processes will make you a perfect contender for the market. You can speak with your art, you can represent your ideas and you can reflect your mind.

Graphic Desigining Course Detail :

Diploma in Graphic Designing

Slow Track 6 month 2 hours 3 Days a Week

Fast Track 3 months 2 hours 4 Days a Week

01. Raster Imaging and Vector Imaging
02. Environmental Design
03. Packaging Design
04. Corporate Design
05. Advertising Design
06. Concept & Symbolism
07. Printing Processes & Costing
08. Career Skills & Professional Practices
09. History of Graphic Design
10. Elements of Graphic Design
11. Vector & Raster Imaging
12. Typography
13. Symbols & Icon Design
14. Design for Publications
15. Information Design

Software Taught

01. Adobe Illustrator
02. Corel Draw
03. Adobe Photoshop
04. Adobe Indesign

ICMT Running under hope floats Foundation

ICMT Running under hope floats Foundation
UGC Approved , AICTE Approved, DEC Approved & AIU Approved
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